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ADD Therapy in Frackville, PA

ADHD can cause problems with school, work, and personal relationships. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to address your condition. ´╗┐Karen Kehler M.A.,M.S.H.A. offers attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder treatments to clients in Frackville, PA, so that they can incorporate practical strategies into their daily lives and hopefully improve their functioning ability.

A Thorough Approach

I want to make sure I understand how and when your disorder most affects you, so i'll work with you to devise an action plan. I can check in with you frequently regarding your progress, and i'll adjust my treatment when necessary. As an informed client is more likely to implement changes into his or her life, i'll share any relevant information with you that explains why certain treatment approaches might work.

Call ´╗┐Karen Kehler M.A.,M.S.H.A. to schedule your appointment for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder treatment. I give each of my clients in Frackville close personal attention.